Wifins helps you connect with your customers & prospects over Wi-Fi networks!

We monetize Wi-Fi networks & optimize consumer engagement.

Providing internet access with a secure, measurable & branded way!

Any Venue can onboard Wifins services and start generating ad revenues in 4 steps:


Step 1: Plug in the Wifins hardware to the internet modem

Step 2: Change password across all other existing Wi-Fi networks broadcasted by the Venue

Step 3: Attract/Reward/Poll your visitors over Wifins free & secure Wi-Fi

Step 4: Start generating ad revenues with Wifins!

Technical Support

Real-time user experience analytics, ensuring stability of your Wi-Fi network.

Automated troubleshooting through 24/7 monitoring.

Instant alerts distribution when a potential incident occurs or increased bandwidth usage is detected.

Reports & Data

Get detailed reports, adjust your campaigns instantly and analyze the performance.

Easily collect, understand and activate location-based customer insights containing rich data about your business.

Audience Growth & Revenue Generation

Collect customer information, send promotions, and increase customer loyalty.

Rapidly boost your customer engagement rates.

Easily scale your growth and build a passive income stream.

Administration Console

A platform with innovative tools to power a more intelligent and integrated user experience.





Restaurants, Cafeterias & Recreation


Sports & Wellness

Prefectures, Municipalities & Banks

Education & Museums


Malls & Venue Halls

Wi-Fi infrastructure partners:

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Social media

Social media management and campaign implementation.

Google Ads

Google Ads to promote your business or product and display ads to people who log into your Wi-Fi Network.


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