The Need

  • Promote products & services @ >10% CTR
  • Retarget relevant consumer profiles
  • Attract new customers
  • Request consumer feedback
  • Optimize online experience
  • Save mobile data charges
  • Maximize battery life
  • Avoid passwords
  • Advertise & promote products/services based on profiling data e.g. language, location, time, visiting frequency/history etc
  • Secure customer feedback (via polls, surveys, “like” feature)
  • Identify loyal customers and reward instantly or off-line
  • Retarget relevant profiles over email or social media
  • Attract new customers by running marketing campaigns across other venues of your preference
  • Execute 3rd party marketing activities monetizing your Wi-Fi content
  • Create additional revenue streams for the venue
  • Increase sales and brand awareness in-store
  • Protect online operations vs. Visitor bandwidth needs by regulating Wi-Fi connections based on time and data
  • Optimize Wi-Fi user concurrency
  • Separate Visitors’ from Personnel’s Wi-Fi bandwidth & experience
  • Activate Location Analytics to identify busy vs. quiet spots & popular paths
  • Measure & monitor new vs. recurring users
  • Minimize visitors’ waiting time complaints


Wifins platform creates an Wifins platform creates an advertising marketplace, where Brands reach consumers depending on their location and other personalized characteristics (e.g. visiting history, language etc.), over Wifins Wi-Fi network grid! Wifins has introduced a revolutionary Wi-Fi media vehicle, helping businesses interact with consumers, through innovative and converging location-based advertising services, leading the transformation of Wi-Fi networks into a new advertising exchange.


Technical Support

Real-time user experience analytics, ensuring stability of your Wi-Fi network.

Automated troubleshooting through 24/7 monitoring.

Instant alerts distribution when a potential incident occurs or increased bandwidth usage is detected.

Reports & Data

Get detailed reports, adjust your campaigns instantly and analyze the performance.

Easily collect, understand and activate location-based customer insights containing rich data about your business.

Audience Growth & Revenue Generation

Collect customer information, send promotions, and increase customer loyalty.

Rapidly boost your customer engagement rates.

Easily scale your growth and build a passive income stream.

Administration Console

A platform with innovative tools to power a more intelligent and integrated user experience.

Digital Transformation over Wi-Fi infrastructure

  • Measure & monitor the new vs. recurring users
  • Identify busy vs. quiet spots and popular paths
  • Integrate with existing BI tools
  • Advertise based on profile, location & time
  • Secure customer feedback (surveys, like feature)
  • Identify loyal customers and reward instantly
  • Limit Wi-Fi connections based on time and data
  • Enhance Wi-Fi user experience and concurrency
  • Secure corp. online needs and guest Wi-Fi services
  • Execute 3rd party marketing activities
  • Create revenue streams for the venue
  • Increase sales and brand awareness in-store





Restaurants, Cafeterias & Recreation


Sports & Wellness

Prefectures, Municipalities & Banks

Education & Museums


Malls & Venue Halls

Wi-Fi infrastructure partners